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Now and again our members share a little about themselves. This month we are featuring Sam Staley and his article, Reflections on My First Year as a Movie Reviewer.

What is the one thing I learned after watching 43 movies released in 2016 and publishing 23 reviews? Writing reviews is hard work!

I had been publishing film reviews for the Independent Institute in Oakland, California sporadically since 2013. But last August, with the Institute's blessing, I decided to ramp up my commitment. I was already a steady film goer, and I thought I could combine my storytelling experience as a novelist with my substantive knowledge of economics and public policy to create something interesting. What I hadn't counted on, however, was the shear volume of movies that make it into my home base movie theater in Tallahassee.

Hollywood alone distributes more than 600 films, although the majority Read more...


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