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Over 200 writers are members of the Tallahassee Writers Association. We have writers in every genre: journalists, poets, novelists, creative nonfiction writers, and children's authors. We write war stories, romances, science fiction, horror, mysteries, thrillers, animal tales, faith and inspiration, contemporary, and literary fiction.

Some of us are published; some of us hope to be; and some of us write just for fun. All of us find fellowship with others who enjoy working with words, and all of us are learning new skills at monthly meetings, workshops, and conferences.

If you try to share your writing with your family members, they will either say you belong on Oprah, which, even if it's true, won't help you get published. Or they will tell you to keep your day job and maybe you will end up not speaking to them for a while.

Share with us. We'll tell you what you're doing right, and we'll tell you what techniques you might try to craft a better tale. Everyone has a unique story (or two) worth telling. Join TWA and find out how to get it told.

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We want TWA to meet your needs as a writer. If you prefer, please email any officer with your ideas or concerns at any time, or contact a member-at-large at meetings.

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Each year we present the TWA Conference. Our conference this year is held at the FSU Turnbull Conference Center, in Tallahassee. As we come upon each new conference, we will update you with the exciting news.

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